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The verse and version

Warmth and happiness I wish

By thfireplace among the tempests

And spring bloom ever feverish

After all winter ups and sunsets!



The First after God

(In Russia the captain of a submarine is called “the first after God” by the crew. But any man is or may be the first after God for his closest beloved people.)


First after God – uneasy way of living,

Uneasy way of doing all your best.

First after God forever‚ unforgiving

All that you had been doing first

And second‚ third – all numbers

Of your uneasy broken steeplechase,

Victorious‚ unenviable trying

To reach sunshine and only first,

Though nose-blood streams forthgoing‚ forthcrying.

What should I wish more else than most?

I’m victor‚ winner‚ will-made person

And making will‚ surviving after all.

My hands and arms and bones and nausea

Are aimed at one the same just goal.

How hard it is to be first after God

With whole the world of no help and no value.

No one believes you‚ you can just afford

Triumphant be after success will tell you

From others now and then and forth.



A Fairy Evening

The city was city like years and cent’ries ago.

A fairy evening comes stormy and eery blow.

The actors are being made up in the mystery e’en.

And Hamlet is suff’ring and singing is Lohengreene.


A fairy evening‚ a cunning guy,

Wearing always a purple style.

The candles lowered‚ the love is gone.

A fairy evening and all return.


The carvels are carrying Negroes and cargoes ashore.

The shore and the harbour got drowned a cent’ry or more.

It’s heard again voice of eternal and unbending love,

That is like a planet unknown but sparkling above.


It’s difficult passing without a trace in the earth.

A fairy evening will witness us foremost and forth.

New men will be staging in mist of the future – and cold.

We will be performanced when don’t exist in the world.

(Vadim Vorobyov`s translation of the famous Russian song written by L. Derbenyov (poetry) and M. Dunayevsky)



The age of cavalier`s not long,

That`s why it`s brilliant so and sweet.

The trumpet`s singing, curtain`s open,

And sabre`s clinking in the street.


The voice of string`s yet thunderbolting,

 The chief already is astride…

Don`t promise ever the young maiden

Eternal love in daily light!


Champagne is streaming flood-like forward,

And eyes are dim a bit by now,

And all seems just at hand as ever,

And all once done for all  above.


Though sweet`s the world beneath the crescent,

Disquiet darkens brow the bright…

Don`t promise ever the young maiden

Eternal love in daily light!


In vain`s your beaming and your laughing

And making it forever last.

There`s no glory for you coming,

Until the blood-stream goes the first…


The cross of wood or of cast iron

Is destined us in coming night…

Don`t promise ever the young maiden

Eternal love in daily light!

(A translation of a song written in Russian by Bulat Okujava)

23 - 24. 09. 09



Sunburnt summer heat, stuffy and ever long;

Winter cold and a blizzard at night

Are the Romany life, homeless and forlorn,

In the cent`ries went roads-long, was fight.


Ho, ho, hurry up, hurricane, hurry up,

Ho, spur up all your coursers and steeds!

Stroking wind taste caressing my dark curls up

Pour upon me outrageous indeed!

There set the sun yonder the valleys far,

There hides just the sun of the day,

There off, there off, there, there off

Bring me there forever hey, hey!


All the past is dead and is deposited

In the gloom of night where rules the fate.

What is coming will be soon again revealed,

Trice up the flash there`s life just the great.


Ho, the Romany dancing, fire in the blood,

Gives desire and throws lightning upon.

Just the wheels` creaking sound, charming and fairy,

O`er the Earth by the gift wind`s going on.


6. 06. 10      7. 06. 10



I want to south

To Trivindram,

Cause th` core of south

A brilliant town!

2008, 2009


All the heroes of the wars

Now have gone, their names are lost.

Those who had the great battle once,

Done in earth and are done in grass.

Their valour of storm and shine

Found home in th` hearts of you and mine.

That`s the everlasting flame,

Us bequeathed by them for aye,

We in bosoms laid.


Have a glance at my soldiers first,

Whole the world knows their faces most.

A battalion stopped still in a line,

I am seeing old friends of mine.

Though are younger than twenty five,

The hard way they`d been going by.

They rushed out the trench,

Hand to hand, fire within.

They beset Berlin.


There`s no Russian family,

Where there`s no hero.

They are younger and looking forth

From the photos that faded most.

Their eyes are the highest rate

For all those who`ve been growing of late.

And the boys can`t be false,

Can`t deceive and can`t lie

And to lose the way.

13 – 15.06.10

( Vadim Vorobyov`s translation of the famous Russian war song from the film “ The Officers “
written by E. Agranovich ( Russian poetry) and R. Khozak ( music)).


“I`ll give you a star!“ –

Once he said to beloved.

I`ll give you a star,

Though it`s far away round.

I`ll give you a star –

Th`men were saying again.

I`ll give you a star –

Th` echo`s spirits them sang.

I`ll give you a star

Were rushing to Space.

I`ll give you a star –

Th` Soul was arising from ash –

I`ll give you a star –

In the gloom of a night.

I`ll give you a star –

Darkness gave in, Day`s bright.

I`ll give you a star,

Once he said to beloved.

I`ll give you a star,

No one knows when they started –

I`ll give you a star –

Th` invisible way through the cent`ries indeed.

I`ll give you a star –

The Sun`s shining agreed.

I`ll give you a star

Were singing about.

I`ll give you a star –

Th` Life was jingling around.


19 June 2010



Bush waved Putin once aside,

It came never to his mind,

Who waves Putin just like this

Will get all till full he is!

(Devoted to the meeting of Putin and Bush on the 8th of August 2008 in Peking)


Oh! Angela Merkel`s got

Her buttocks very stout and soft.

Even Bush could not but touch

Her neck, forgive him very much!

(Devoted to the summit of the G8 in St. Petersburg)


Bush, the cowboy, uses head

As a basketballer – great! –

Leaves a space for boots to fly

In emergence – near-by.

It`s a pity there`s no

Bad egg to continue show!


After Bush, the Iraqi matter

They hope Obama will better flatter.

They`re guessing what is coming,

America`s spitting and hopes it`ll be charming.

November 2008 – June 2010

Purple`s rolling in th` sky – heaven`s

Burst out sobbing with the sunshine

Thund`ring of sound younger wind of

Freshness that is coming here.


A dark castle pierced with its peaks

The light of valleys smooth,

Fell asleep though recollecting

Sagas of the ancient times.


At sunset, in the evening

Silence lives about and yonder.

In unreal glitt`ring farthest

Hills in their twilight twitter.


And a river – sea among fiords

Lies that changed its dyes and tinges,

Not a thing believes it,

Even a blade f`r a night then hidden.


On the window of my chamber

For the last dwell and forever

A dead leaf is looking, hoping

In the hour of calmness.


Man as a leaf of no use will be

By eternity then crumbled,

And the miserable ashes into

Th` Universe throughout will be scattered.


And if not yet picked off, find the

Meaning though it`s dusk or gloomy,

It is not in vain that in spring

Buds swell so insane and crazy.


30 June, 1 July 2010


Not much he wanted –

Whole the world!

And there was no idol more

For him – he was alone!

2002; 1 July 2010


Alas, an only – a solitary one

In sunshine  and in gloom.

And there aren`t friends, girlfriends when

Woe`s at hand or happiness in bloom.

1998; 1 July 2010


I want – not to be one of many –

To be an only of a lot!

2002; 1 July 2010


In a sky-blue Franguestani valley

Blooming apple-trees in th’ wind are waving,

In a sky-blue Franguestani valley

Non destructed thought is dwelling.


There the Roma roved with their tabernacles,

There bonfires flamed full of passions right.

Having flapped two wings dream like hovering eagles

Would get drowned in the abyss of height.


And the Giour was there dash-like riding

Dazzling – moonlight with the black Sun and the wrath,

And Pechorin did fail in his waiting

For the vict`ries of deep hidden truth.


In the sky-blue Franguestani valley

At a brook Love burst out weeping forth,

In the sky-blue Franguestani valley

Death through we`ll meet coming while it`s worth.

2002; 2 July 2010

Half a century and an age of majority

And something that`s coming t`improve immortality

Are signs of an epoch when rules one,

All`s been repeating over again:


The son was sent after his father,

The grandson`s going to be another

To keep the royal line in force for public,

Called the Korean people`s democratic republic.

20 – 25 October 2010

There`ll nothing be, never, nobody

Just for me, now for me, now for me.

And nobody will have nothing

Out of it, just of it, just of it.

It`s wondrous for ones, for others –

It`s indifferent, whatever to say.

It`s night dark abyss of heaven for one –

From sunrise till sunrise way.

7 November 2010

To the Japanese Distorted Maniac Thirst for the Russian Kuril Isles


Their Reaction to President Medvedev`s Visit to the Kunashir Island


There`s great fun in Japan

Thinking they`ve got right again

For non-their lands, because

They think so of it, of course.

The Samurailings must have not repented

Of th` War they lost in the year Nineteen Forty-Five.

They are agitated, resentful, resented

In raving against th` Russian bear, that`s fine!


We were the first to condemn the Americans,

Though they were the allies, and you were the enemies,

When they bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima,

We could acknowledge truth and more.


Our Stalin allowed them to have

The emperor and not allowing, when

The Americans and all the allies preferred

Him to be executed before,

With whole the criminal junta

Of militarists and for foreign lands hunters!


Maybe we shouldn`t have done so, because

The children of th` rising sun have bad remembrance.


It`s a pity, even the Kwantung disaster

Did not add the brains – ones the last to.


Near sighted, the mind`s forgotten;

The sun rising country`s showing all that,

Hopeless, ridiculous and being laughed at!

1, 16 November 2010

28 December 2010


This verse is directed not against the American people, it`s against the financial, economic, ideological as well political system of the USA, that is associated all over the world with the word “America”, the present day America, the regime.  


America is still alive, alas,

I`m waiting for its pass

And eager looking to that coast,

And can`t be patient ever most.


The adepts of the ingenuine shine

Send their ambassadors abroad:

They`re two and know the role-play fine,

Though of repentance know they naught.


The name of one is Freedom, he`s

Just here, then just there.

He`s Figaro of USA,

Once to the desert gone, to say –


He was a good guy, whirling while,

And laughing, storming near-by.

The vessels crashed, they`d known the years

Of Noah and the Chaldea seers.


The smoke is reeking, curling, streaming,

The dead are envied those by living.

They got now knowledge of the Freedom

And Jesus can`t them quiet even.


Mahomet`s unable them to inspire,

Their ashes of hopes by th` wind are expired,

The whirl of freedom – th` freedom whirl…


The other looks like German Tod:

A staff, a scythe that flung behind,

Dressed as a roving pilgrim, fed

On rather poor daily bread.


He`s able to find way to th’ gates

Where no one him just then awaits.

He’s coming never once for us

To catch the fate and faith of us.


He’s begging, asking, teasing, frightening,

Promising light, to him inviting.

America – sings just his song,

He’s a Democracy – go on!


For all his logs he’s able giving

All that – which seems to them forgiving:

To bring up the donkey as a grand,

To feed with greeny th’ elephant,


And th’ main - a packet of indulgences

To be and feel over the seas

As well at home at ease and comfort,

For good them sings of freedom th’ trumpet!


Then you’ll become invulnerable,

The black will turn an Eden apple.

A martyr will be put to prison

As a trash – and no for other reason,


Among the Freedom’s laughing, flurry,

Democracy’s spitting in a hurry.


The further – the swifter time is rushing,

And life is brighter and is crushing.

And just off hand – an unexpected turn,

America’s almighty`s gone.

Though we’ve been thinking, guessing, dreaming

Turned up the moment unforgiving.


The Empire face is crashing down

For sure, we support it now:

Unbounded fly, unbounded fall –

The world supports it either all.


It’s clear not for all the Yankee,

That’s all and more than that it’s stinking.


They’ve been expanding in all directions

And now they can’t control the sections.


It’s high time for the self insight.

They should get knowledge – lots a bite:

What country they are living in,

Now unaware though within.


The other time is coming, streaming,

The country will transform while screaming

The quakes will darken, for ones as well,

The paradise – for others hell.


All will be changed: th’ world, thinking, wit

And even people though a bit.


The Planet will be reeling, circling

In the Sun’s light and them awakening

All will be bright: the time and valleys

And all that we have not yet witnessed.


And those that we have seen behind

The stream of Time will come to mind,

Will open in th’ sky far-away;

And those considered mute for aye

Will speak in long forgotten tongue,

Awakened by the wit and Sun.

2007 – 2008, October

21, 24 – 25, June, 2010


Sing about the day that`s flying away

In a twilight hour,

The day – we may once recollect

In a spring faraway shower.

We`ll recall the crescent floating about

In the sky  all night through.

Just of the thing that all will be gone

Never recollect.


All be gone – your distress, and your joys.

All be gone – that`s like life can flee.

All be gone – but you should remember

Love will not ever cease to be.


Sing about the ships that sailing away

Though withstanding tempests.

Sing about the world that`s done once for aye

For our love created.

Sing it`s easy beating enough for the

 Two hearts forever.

Just of the thing that all will be gone

Never recollect.


Sing about the day that`s flying away

Sing again please quieter.

The day – we may once recollect

May turn again up lighter.

We`ll recall a star that`s shining about

In the sky  all night through.

Just of the thing that all will be gone

Never recollect.


(A translation of a famous Russian song, poetry by Leonid Derbenyov, music by Maxim Dunayevsky)

21 May 2011


The one above the peak of glitt`ring

In day`s night all the time out through.

The dreams, the mind-shots whirl up creeping

All th` Universe out – crashed down – true.

8. 1. 12.


I am dreaming of our quay

On the river banks of mine.

A slim candle of the faith

Burns in hand of thine.

Oh, believe, the darkness has

Neither friends nor closely kin.

The unhappy overwhelm

All have ever  been.


Did we know when children were

Believing in God`s light,

From the fate and from the woe

None could drive behind?

Just the birds will take a shriek,

It`ll just shiver faraway –

A slim candle of the faith

Burns in hand of thine.


Oh, believe in other life

Yonder th` other frontier lies.

Oh, believe and pray for me,

For the soul of mine.

There`s unknown universe.

You`ll believe, you`ll catch all that.

There`s love and there`s grief,

All the other false.


I`ve been dreaming in the nights

In a farthest land and time –

A slim candle of the faith

Burns in hand of thine,

From the sky-born heavenly ray

Over th` sinly world that spilt

A slim candle of the faith

 Burning in the night.


(My translation of a song by Alexandra Pakhmutova (music) and Nikolay Dobronravov (poetry).

23. 02. 12

I love you, oh my life,

Though it`s not a new thing as you do know.

I love you, all my life.

I love you more again and again more.

All the windows turned bright.

I am coming from work, I`m sweet tired.

I love you, oh my life,

And I want you would turn a bit better.


I`ve got much: th` width of Earth

And the sea ever lasting horizon.

I`ve been knowing for long

Friendship of men, sincere unselfish.

In an every day sound

I`m so happy, I`ve got not a rest time.

I`ve got love, oh my life,

You do know what it is and about.


How the nightingales sing!

Twilight, dawn and your kiss at a sunrise.

And the peak of all love –

Children – marvelous thing ever happen!

We`ll together walk through

Childhood, youth, all the stations and piers.

The grandchildren will come:

All will turn once again and again more.


Th`years`ve been flying away,

We are sorrowful seeing grey hair.

D`you remember, oh life,

Th` soldiers fallen for you in war fire?

So be brilliant and shine

In the trumpet sounds of a spring anthem!

I love you, oh my life,

And I hope you do love me in your turn.

(Vadim Vorobyov`s translation of a famous Russian song “I love you, my life” written by the poet Konstantin Vanshenkov.)

22. 12. 12

I`m Byron as well Shakespeare

And I can`t see who`s closer near.


Between 2005 - 2011

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